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(Issue date: 2008/05/26)Please pay attention to the new fraud application and avoid being cheated

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Criminal fraud groups apply new methods. People, who receive a telephone or fax notification from the Administrative Enforcement Agency or other judicial institutes about transferring personal money to a monitored account, shall keep alert to avoid being cheated; never follow the directions of fraud suspects.


The Agency has received people’s concerns that some fraud groups have falsely claimed the title of the Agency or other judicial institutes in order to cheat people over the phone. Those, who receive the phone calls, are requested to list personal properties for security sake. In fact, the ISP conspires with the fraud group to change the displayed phone number of the coming call to that of the number of the Agency (or other judicial institute), that is, the deceitful ISP business works with the fraud suspects to use a router (formerly called a Code Synthesizer) and the switcher to show phone numbers of some governmental agencies in order to gain the trust of the victims. When checking the displayed number through dialing 104 or 105 to ensure the number is that of the governmental institute, the victims always believe the caller’s claims about avoiding bank account usage and fraud crimes, and then transfer their money to the bank account the caller provides.


Therefore, the Agency warns that people receiving similar phone calls should confirm and report by dialing the “165 anti-fraud hotline” set up by the criminal investigation bureau, or may check the website of the Agency and call the Agency (the phone number of the Agency can be checked by dialing 104 or 105). People shall present how they were misled by the fraud suspects and their suffering and loss due to worry about administrative enforcement and neglecting confirmation.


In addition, the Agency reminds everyone that the Agency’s formal letter, instead of using phone calls, is required for any administrative enforcement action.  People shall be cautious about not being cheated.
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