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(Issue date: 2009/01/15)The Performance of the Administrative Enforcement Agency Breaks NT$170 Billion

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        The accumulative success amount regarding enforcement against estate collected by the Administration Division, subordinate to the Administrative Enforcement Agency, has just topped NT$160 (same as below) billion as of September 15, 2008, since the date of founding on January 1, 2001. By January 13, 2009, the amount broke NT$ 170 billion and reached $170,004,601,926 dollars.

        The Administration Division, subordinate to the Administrative Enforcement Agency, was formally was founded on January 1, 2001. It was just around the time of governmental reformation. To satisfy the spirit of governmental reformation, and trim and streamlined organization, we devoted ourselves to the establishment and promotion of various systems. In addition to the requirement of fairness, rationality and proportionality as performing enforcement procedures, efficiency shall be the core value. We introduced the concept of “business-based operation” and employ “target management and performance evaluation” as the guideline for business advancement.  We expect to organize a brand new business-based agency to promote businesses more professionally and efficiently and establish the example for a high efficiency government. Moreover, to correspond with the financial deficit and budget gap, we efficiently use supplementary manpower, such as alternative military service, outsourcing personnel, volunteers and transferred personnel  to achieve our goal of a trim and streamlined organization.

        In order to reinforce the functions of administrative power, 13 Administration Divisions subordinate to the Administrative Enforcement Agency have adopted different enforcement measures to execute the laws properly and already have outstanding achievement. In the future, we will continue to hold our administrative concept of justice and carefulness to make good use of different implementation measures empowered by laws, and carried out public power implementation.  Meanwhile, we will also give consideration to protect people and request executive personnel to use just legal procedures and service attitude for execution. We will continue our effort to enhance our implementation performance and attain marvelous achievements once again.

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