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"Love Alternative Service - Happy Full Service to Do Public Welfare" Expands Advocacy Activities

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  • Last updated:2019-09-26
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In conjunction with National Conscription Agency, Ministry of the Interior, Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park had held a 108th year of the Republic of China national alternative service propaganda campaign, "Kind Hearted Alternative Service - Public Welfare with Full Happiness", on January 19, 2008. The purpose of the campaign was to make the society community senses the ability of alternative service on improving public welfare. Department of Compulsory Military Service of Taipei City Government and Zhongzheng District Office and the village offices of Taipei City had been caring for the elders and carrying out cleaning activities, and had invited the community elders and the children of Yiguang   Preschool.  All   participants had been sharing in learning and gain the joy of the soul; on the other hand, it also allowed the recipients to sense the warm care of the society.

The event began with a swearing ceremony by all the staffs, and there was a performance by the preschool and Alternative Public Welfare Ambassador Group.

Taipei City Government Police Department also conducted crime prevention and propaganda, and Taipei City Fire Department set up a fire and disaster prevention propaganda booth. Daan Health Service Center provided health advice, and there was also a Hakka market.


During the period of the campaign, a total of 22 officers were dispatched from the Taipei Branch and the Shih Iin Branch, which under agency's jurisdiction. The mascot ”Pai-Bao”  was there to provide services on site  and  interacted  with  the  public. In addition to take photos with children, Pai-Bao also provided wit question and answer, so that all participating  people  had the opportunity to  learn  what  was  open  file  application  and  the knowledge about administrative execution, enhancing the public's understanding of the significance of educational propaganda of administrative execution. The whole process of the campaign was full of crowd, fully demonstrating the result and performance of the public welfare alternative services.  It had achieved fruitful results.

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