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Pingtung Branch strengthens enforcement of animal protection law violations

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  • Last updated:2020-01-13
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Strengthen the enforcement of the violation of the Animal Protection Act and publicize relevant laws and regulations.

Strengthen the enforcement of the violation of the Animal Protection Act and publicize relevant laws and regulations.

          Pingtung Branch recently stepped up the enforcement of animal protection law cases. The cause of the case is that the dogs raised by the obligators were abandoned and they were at a loss on the side of the road. After being rescued by the animal rescue team, the dogs were sent to the animal home for reception. After scanning the chips, the obligators were informed to take them back. However, the obligators ignored the case. The obligators have already constituted abandonment and were fined NTD 15,000 by the Animal Protection Office.

          After the case was transferred to the Pingtung Branch for enforcement, in addition to seize the obligator’ deposit, the branch officer also visits the obligator’s house, while advocacy consequences of violating the animal protection law.

          The people who raise furkids (pets) at home should not abandon them maliciously. If the owner doesn't want to keep the pet, he/she may find a new home or deliver it to the animal shelter through multiple channels. Do not abandon them at will to avoid punishment. If the public finds a dog or cat, they can take it to the animal hospital to scan the chip for help or report to the animal protection office for assistance.

          Paragraph 3, Article 5, of applicable Animal Protection Act stipulates that " An owner must not abandon any animal under his care unless it has been accepted for custody or disposal by an animal shelter, or a refuge designated by the local competent authority." And, Item 1, Paragraph 1, Article 29, stipulates that “A fine of over NT$30,000 and under NT$150,000 will be imposed for any of the following situations: 1. Violation of Clause 5.3, namely animal abandonment.”  Item 2, Paragraph 1, Article 32 stipulates that “The local competent authority may confiscate an owner’s animals in any of the following situations: 2. Animals abandoned by an owner in violation of Clause 5.3.” If anyone violates the provisions of the Animal Protection Act, it will be transferred to each branch of the executive department of the Ministry of justice for compulsory execution after being fined by the relevant authorities and notified of overdue payment. Please do not leave things to chance.

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