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Pingtung Branch provided cares to the solitary elderly at the end of the year・Substitute civilian serviceman served at the heart-warming charity event.

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  • Last updated:2019-10-02
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Warming hearts at the end of the year.png

Warming hearts at the end of the year

          Working with the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, the Director of the Pingtung Branch Yung-Chih, Chang brought the officers of the branch and 15 substitute civilian serviceman to offer the donations for the meals of New Year and other daily goods to the solitary elderly, clean their houses and decorate with the spring couplets at the end of the year. The elderly felt the love and care from their actions.

          3 After the end of the three-days charity event, the substitute civilian servicemen felt and realized that there were still many people who needed assistances and cares living in our society. The substitute civilian serviceman could learn how to care and serve their community from this kind of event and they would continue to provide their services anonymously after they start to work in the society.

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