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The epidemic warning was raised to Level 3 AEA adopted relevant measures in response to the said change

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  • Last updated:2021-07-14
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CECC announced that from May 19, 2021 to May 28, the epidemic warning would be raised to Level 3. In order not to create an infection control breach with the administrative execution, AEA informed all branches to give priority to epidemic prevention when processing administrative execution cases and to adopt the following measures:

  1. In principle, the enforcement conducted at the place of obligor will be suspended unless in case of necessity and urgency, and all isolation and epidemic prevention measures have been taken.
  2. The 123 joint auction will be suspended, except in case of necessity and urgency.
  3. The obligor and other citizens shall not visit the branch offices for business unless in case of necessity and urgency; if the obligor receives the official letter from each branch summoning the obligor to appear or report, please contact the officer in charge of the branch via phone.4.
  4. The branches initiate the measures of splitting operations and working from home to avoid the spread of the disease.AEA states that depending on the epidemic status, it will conduct rolling reviews and updates on the said measures, and timely update relevant news on the official website of AEA and the website of each branch. Obligors and the public shall pay attention to the news announced on the said websites; for other affairs not published according to the said announcements, AEA will process them according to relevant epidemic prevention laws and regulations and the announcement provided by the CECC.

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