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(Issue date: 2008/05/21)The compassion team of the Administrative Enforcement Agency responds to the Sichuan disaster relief activity and donates NT$ 27,000

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        The earthquake that happened in Taiwan on Sep. 21 (Earthquake 921) and the recent 7.9 Richter scale earthquake in Sichuan Province, Mainland China both caused major damage. The humanitarian team of the Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice, in order to correspond with the disaster relief activities and develop the spirit of humane concern, goes through the “The Red Cross Society of The Republic of China” to donate NT$ 27,000 and bring kindness to the disaster areas, and help the victims to rebuild their homes.

        In order to give care to society, and immediately send kindness to the families that require assistance, the Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice set up a humanitarian team, with the team affairs being run by the staff of the Agency. The team plans to use donations to help those who require emergency assistance, not the poor, expects to help society through this action, transfer kindness to the people and set an example for them to follow, and implement social care.

        As the Administrative Enforcement Agencies implement cases, they have the opportunity to face obligators, and they will sometimes find people who require assistance. If care can be given in time, social harmony can be enhanced. In view of the humanitarian team’s set up, the Administrative Enforcement Agencies in Taipei, Shihlin, Hsinchu, Taichung, Changhua, Chiayi, Pingtung and Ilan, etc. have also followed by setting up compassion clubs, these actions are all accomplished and contributed to by staff members. This time, the Sichuan earthquake disaster relief activity, the various Administrative Enforcement Agencies upholds the humane spirit of “Empathy”, enthusiastically raising NT$ 148,350 and making donations through the Tzu Chi Foundation and The Red Cross Society of The Republic of Taiwan to assist victims and fully develop the spirit of assisting others.
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