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(Issue date: 2008/12/25)2008 directors’forum for administrative enforcement agency business

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        The Administrative Enforcement Agency organized the “2008 directors’ forum for administrative enforcement agency business” at Chunghwa Telecom Yuan Ming Mountain Hotel, located on No.8, Lane 131, Jingshan Rd., Shilin District, Taipei City on December 16, 2008. In addition to the directors of various administrative divisions and heads of different sections and offices in the Administrative Enforcement Agency, Minister Wang and related chief secretaries and directors of the Ministry of Justice all participated in discussions. There were 6 major issues in this forum: promotion of soft jurisdiction, caring of minority groups, coping with reformation trends, establishment of a learning type organization, innovative and convenient policies, formation of a good image, making good use of supporting manpower, enhancement of enforcement performance, control of pending cases, avoidance of overdue enforcement execution and management of files periodically to improve file management efficiency. We expect that participants may absorb new knowledge from each other and gain precious experience from other enforcement agencies through reports of various administrative enforcement agencies to enhance overall enforcement performance.

        During the forum, Minister Wang first expressed that she is positive and appreciative of the increasing collection amount and outstanding performance despite the difficulties of limitation in manpower and materials, large number of cases and increasing unexecuted amount. Next, Minister Wang praised previous general director Yun-Hu Lin for good foundation settlement and the dedication of current general director Chou-Song Lin and all directors of various administrative enforcement agencies to provide human-based services, maintain a good relationship with the media and make good use of alternative military service and outsourcing personnel with science-based management, especially to control unexecuted cases and efficient file management.

        Following, Minister Wang expressed that all administrative enforcement agencies treat obligators with empathy and promote service without lunch breaks to agree completely with her idea to service and take care of people. In addition, she confirmed once again that all administrative enforcement agencies could cooperate with policies to provide 200 short-term outsourcing employment opportunities for unemployed people to clear the docket. Moreover, they agree to allow payment in installments for economic minority groups which owe taxes and health insurance premiums, and actively provide various assistant measures; for example, giving exposure to obligators, who are desperate for social assistance, through media broadcasting.

        Finally, Minister Wang encouraged all directors of different administrative enforcement Agencies, as the lead colleague, to jointly collect taxes and increase the treasury income, allowing the country to do more for the public. Meanwhile, she expected that all enforcement colleagues should find the breakthrough point that obligators are acceptable and willing to pay. In the meantime, everybody should particularly pay attention to human rights, especially watching whether proper legal procedures and principles of proportionality are satisfied in terms of restriction from leave, arrest or taking obligators into custody to avoid external attack.

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