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Crackdown on Rampant Airport Scalpers

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  • Last updated:2019-07-18
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Media reported that scalpers, the so-called white place cars, are rampant at Taoyuan Airport, where they widely and illegally solicited passengers and engaged in scuffles in competition for passengers. The Taoyuan detachment of the Taoyuan County Police Bureau has referred the cases of breaching the Traffic Fine Law to the Taoyuan District Enforcement Office for action. Since, the Taoyuan office has taken such measures as impounding the offenders' bank deposits and salaries, banning their exist from the country, detaining their cars and sealing their unmovable properties. To subdue repeat offenders and those who maliciously refuse to pay the fines, the district office has held a meeting with the National Police Agency and the airport police authorities to discuss the problem. It does not rule out putting the offenders under arrest or under custody and taking other compulsory measures to show the resolve that public power is beyond challenge and that the rights of lawful operators must be safeguarded.

The Taoyuan District Enforcement Office calls on the public not to hire "white plate cars" and hence to serve as their accomplices. Otherwise, in case of an accidence, the passengers cannot make a claim for compensation. They should play a part to maintain the dignity of the national gate, the district office said.

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