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AEA mascot “Pi-Bao” was unveiled amid much fanfare.

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  • Last updated:2019-07-18
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AEA mascot “Pi-Bao” was unveiled amid much fanfare. AEA introduced its mascot “Pi-Bao” to the general public amid much fanfare. “Pi-Bao” made her debut in the square in front of the office building of MOJ at 2:20 p.m. Sept. 12, 2018. The launching ceremony of the mascot was held together with an auction jointly organized by AEA branches in northern Taiwan. The three-in-one event, including an auction, charity bazaar and explanation of cross-agency business, made good use of the cute and friendly mascot “Pi-Baor” to shorten the distance between the AEA branches and the people. At 2:30 p.m., a performance by the string orchestra of the Taipei Municipal Minghu Junior High School raised the curtain for the event. What came next was the much-expected “Pi-Bao.” The mascot took the stage and performed a lively dance, receiving warm applause from the audience. How the mascot “Pi-Bao” came into existence was very much like a ten months’ pregnancy, namely, a long journey, AEA Director-general Lu Wen-chung said when making the speech at the event. Taking office in October 2017, Lu brought up the idea of creating a mascot for the AEA after he found that the general public had limited knowledge of the AEA. The image of “Pi- Page 2 of 4 Bao” was inspired by the Formosan sika deer, known for its calm and docile nature. The nature of the deer corresponds with that of the AEA, which are characterized by their service for and care about the people. The concept of the mascot eventually took shape today amid the well-wishes from the many people witnessing the moment. Justice and care are the core values of the AEA. Citing the recent floods in southern Taiwan as an example, Lu said colleagues at Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingtung branches visited in person obligors who suffered heavy losses from the floods. They gave the obligors a helping hand by offering them consolation money, provisions, suspension of execution and installment payment option. As for obligors who owed large amounts of unpaid taxes or fines, the AEA insisted on acting according to law and sparing no one who tried to evade the payment of taxes or fines owed. As of Sept. 11, 2018, the amount of outstanding taxes that the AEA has retrieved for the government reaches NT$525.1 billion. At the end of his speech, Lu said that today’s event provided a good opportunity for the participants to buy valuable items at bargain prices. He also urged them to support sales at the charity bazaar so that charity groups organizing the sales could collect more funds to help people in need. Minister of Justice Tsai Chin-shan made the speech at the event said that the AEA’s creation of the mascot “Pi-Bao” on the basis of the friendly and mild-tempered nature of the Formosan sika deer is an unprecedented move aimed at highlighting the government’s efforts to care for the people. Embracing justice and care as its core values, the AEA has collected NT$525.1 billion in taxes for the government over the past 17 years. The AEA goes on with its efforts to retrieve unpaid taxes from big owners while taking a sympathetic approach to economically disadvantaged obligors by offering them a suspension of execution. The agency has taken strong enforcement action against obligors who failed to pay the administrative fines for possessing Page 3 of 4 or using Class 3 and Class 4 drugs. It also helped with local district prosecutors’ offices’ handling of forfeitures and seized properties. These are examples of the AEA’s contributions to the maintenance of social security. Minister Tsai expressed his recognition and appreciation for the contributions made by AEA . The “123 Joint Auction Day” campaign initiated by the AEA has attracted huge crowds of people. It received a warm response from the general public while collecting huge taxes and fines for the government. Tsai expressed his wish for the event to be a great success. Toward the end of the minister’s speech, the adorable “Pi-Bao” walked onto the stage again, this time to interact with Tsai. At first, “Pi-Bao” was a little bit shy, triggering a knowing smile on the faces of many of the members of audience. The mascot soon took the initiative to give the minister a high-five and a hug, prompting the audience to shout, “Have a kiss!” With a cute and funny look, the mascot gave her first kiss to the minister, encouraging all people on the scene to clap and shout “bravo!” The first stage performance by “Pi-Bao” came to an end in the midst of a lively atmosphere. At 3 p.m., the auction formally started. Items put on auction included: Guzheng string instruments, Mercedes Benz sedans, multi-speed bicycles, jade articles, carved quartz dragon turtles, LV hand-held and shoulder dual-use bags, Canon cameras and lenses, and bottles of Golden Dragon and Peony-class Kinmen Kaoliang liquor. Auctioneers on the podium tried their best to auction off the items. They were trying all means to collect unpaid taxes for the government, demonstrating more specialized knowledge than shopping channel hosts and hostesses. AEA Director-general Lu, a Kinmen native, got on the podium himself to promote the Golden Dragon and Peony-class Kinmen Kaoliang liquor, helping each bottle on the inventory find a buyer. One of the highlights of the auction was the mixture of a vigorous street dance performed by “Pi-Bao,” Guzheng music played by a charming female Page 4 of 4 enforcement officer and the catwalk done by a pretty clerk as a Mercedes Benz rolled onto the stage. These sideshows unexpectedly became a most eye-catching part of the event. A total of 8 items were auctioned off today. AEA branches in northern Taiwan also sold off a few items. The auction and sale amount reached NT$254,610 in total. Our final reminder: Please go to the fan page of the AEA to click the “Like” and “Share” buttons. Follow the latest updates about “Pi-Bao” and information about our most recent activities.

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