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"Scale new heights - executive performance breakthrough 550 billion" achievement sharing meeting is a complete success.

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"Scale new heights - executive performance breakthrough 550 billion" achievement sharing meeting is a complete success.

Branches of the Administrative Enforcement Agency (AEA) of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) were established on January 1, 2001.  By August 2, 2019, the cumulative levy amounted to exceed NT$550 billion, betting on treasury revenues and achieving fairness and justice.

In order to show the brilliant performance of administrative execution and share this glorious moment with all walks of life, the AEA of the MOJ held a " Peaking scale new heights - executive performance exceeding NT$550 billion " achievement sharing meeting in the auditorium on the 5th floor of the MOJ at 10 a.m. today.

At the beginning of the event, the students of the Lockin Club of the Taipei First Girls’ High School began a wonderful performance. The youthful pop dance symbolizes the upcoming 20 years of the AEA of vitality, confidence and hope, and to strive forward.

In his speech, Lo Ping-cheng, Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan first said that it is not easy to get the " NT$550 billion" achievements. These achievements are accumulated by each colleague step by step and each team stick by stick. The excellent performance of the AEA is evident to all sectors.  Recently, there have been many new policies and system plans. Apart from providing important valuable suggestions for law amendment, for example, article 473 of the Criminal Procedure Act, article 46-1 of the Statute for Industrial Innovation, Article 20 of the Act for Establishment and Administration of Science Parks, etc. In the future at the implementation level, it will rely on a professional and efficient administration of the AEA. The so-called “there are no easy paths to the heights.” In recent years, the AEA has faced difficulties such as the increase in new small amount cases and the shortage of manpower, but the use of science and technology, electronic innovation and other innovations to create excellent performance, the implementation of public power, to achieve fairness and justice. On behalf of the Executive Yuan, Minister without Portfolio Lo expressed his appreciation to the AEA.

In his speech, Minister Tsai of the MOJ said that " NT$550 billion" could build nine "101 buildings", which is equivalent to the total budget of the MOJ for 18 years. The AEA implements the policy philosophy of "justice" and "care". It enforces the obligors who refuse to pay or deliberately hide their assets in accordance with the law, and takes measures to ease the implementation of the obligors who are economically disadvantaged, so as to relax the installment payment period. In terms of innovation services, the development of small amount cases can be paid in convenience stores, credit card payment, rural video service, old locomotive scrapping, etc. innovative actions are recognized by the public. A number of special cases, such as the enforcement of drug fines at levels 3 and 4 and alcohol (drug) driving fines, not only expand the effectiveness of the enforcement, but also publicize the determination of the government to enforce the law to the public.  The minister also hoped that his colleagues would continue to uphold procedural justice, implement public power and enforce it forcefully to the large-scale arrears and the bad quality obligors, so as to make the people feel and create more brilliant achievements in the future.

In his speech, the Director-General of the AEA, Mr Lin, first of all thanked the previous directors and Minister Tsai for their guidance, and also thanked the previous directors and branch chiefs for their wisdom in steering.  “Execution is the last mile of justice." It is very meaningful for the AEA to enforce the law and maintain fairness and justice in all kinds of cases, such as violation of food safety, environmental pollution caused by dumping waste soil and traffic fines that cause harm to road users. Colleagues should be proud to handle the implementation work, just like the female students of Taipei First Girls High School in the opening performance, who are excellent in character and learning, full of vitality, consistent in pace and excellent in dancing.  In the future, we will continue to uphold the governance philosophy of "justice" and "care", actively clean up and implement the major obligor, and continue to launch various measures and innovations to facilitate the people's administration. Please always give your vigilance and strive for a new era of implementation performance.

Another key factor for the smooth promotion of administrative execution business and the successful collection of execution cases is the close contact and mutual cooperation with the transferring authority.

The Taxation Administration of the Ministry of Finance sent Wu, Lian Ying, deputy director-general, to attend the ceremony. In her speech, deputy director-general Wu said that although the implementation of tax arrears is a thankless work. However, it creates excellent performance for the settlement of tax arrears through close cooperation with the executive office, such as cooperation in tracing major tax arrears, handling real estate bearing, etc. Among the " NT$550 billion" collected, NT$44.2 billion were fiscal and tax cases, accounting for 44%. Deputy director-general Wu attended the "Asia Pacific anti money laundering organization mutual evaluation" occasion, and witnessed the executive power of the Ministry of justice. The Taxation Administration will continue to work with the AEA to make further achievements.

Followed by a ceremony of "shining and peaking scale new heights- execution performance exceeding NT$550 billion" to inject into the Treasury. Deputy Director-General, Chen Ying-jin, and 13 Branch Directors light up the "department emblem" of the AEA, symbolizing concerted efforts to create NT$550 billion performances. Then, Lo Ping-cheng, Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan, Minister Tsai Ching-hsing, of the MOJ, Deputy Minister Chen Ming-tang of the MOJ, Director-General Lin Ching-Tsung, of the AEA, Deputy Director-General Wu Lian-ying of the Department of Taxation Administration of the Ministry of Finance, and Chief Secretary Ma Hsiao-Huei of the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance came to the stage to launch a breakthrough of NT$550 billion into the Treasury.  Finally, take a group photo with the distinguished guests, the deputy director-general and the 13 branch directors.  In the spray of dry ice and colorful paper tape, and in the blessing of every officer, guest and colleague present, the activity drew a perfect ending.

Speech by Minister without Portfolio, Lo Ping-cheng

Speech by Minister Tsai

Speech by Director-General Lin, Ching-Tsung

shining and peaking scale new heights

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