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Warning for toll skippers!Operation to recover unpaid ETC fees, over NT$6 million in one day

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  • Last updated:2019-07-18
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Nearly 1,400,000 toll (ETC) skipping cases were referred to branches of the Administrative Enforcement Agency (AEA), Ministry of Justice (MOJ), in 2017, a new AEA case acceptance record in history, over 9 million cases. After the Operation Overdue Parking Fee Recovery, AEA launched a synchronous operation to enhance the recovery of unpaid ETC fee on December 1, 2017 to demonstrate again the government’s determination to exercise public authority. Apart from recovering a total of NT$6,025,183, AEA branches have seized real estate and property from delinquent payers including 18 cars, 37 lots of real estate, forklift trucks, and motorcycles in the synchronous operation, marking a fruitful result. Should delinquent payers still refuse to pay the unpaid ETC fees, AEA will auction such real estate and property to offset the outstanding amount. The operation of all 13 AEA branches focused on the top 50 delinquent payers by a cumulative amount, including up to 35 firms and companies, mostly transportation or freight companies. The top delinquent payer is a transportation company involved in 5,745 cases with a cumulative amount of over NT$1.57 million. Apart from impounding its trucks, the AEA Taoyuan Branch has investigated its money flow and vehicle status and applied to the court for garnishing its property after discovering its stealthy property settlements. Realizing the severity of the consequences, the delinquent payer immediately paid all outstanding ETC fees. According to AEA, the number of toll skipping cases referred by the local motor vehicles offices, traffic adjudication offices, and ETC company has escalated in recent years, up to 6,859,350 new cases between January and November 2017, commanding at 74.8% of all accepted new cases. The number includes nearly 1.4 million cases from the ETC company, of these, there were 23 times in 2014 at 57,911 cases. AES thus planned this operation and teamed up with the referring agencies to report and search for the corresponding vehicles, provide sites for impounding them, and publicizing the law-abiding concept to the public, in order to let justice be served, exercise public authority and enhance enforcement performance. AEA reminds delinquent payers to pay the outstanding ETC fees as quickly as possible after receiving notices from AEA branches. Otherwise, the AEA branches will take further actions, including garnishing their bank deposits and wages, seizing and auctioning their property, and even restricting them from leaving the country and taking them into custody. AEA warns delinquent payers that enforcement will be fair, lawful and without mercy.
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