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Success of Bit Step Forward: Recovery of over NT$500 Billion Achievement Presentation!

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  • Last updated:2019-07-18
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After the Administrative Enforcement Agency (AEA) was founded in 2000, it has been 17 years or so since the AEA branches were established. Growing out from nothing through hardships, this Taiwan-unique system is marching forward steadily step by step. By December 2017, AEA has recovered over NT$500 billion. For this memorable new milestone, AEA specifically organized the Bit Step Forward: Recovery over NT$500 Billion Achievement Presentation at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 at the grand hall of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). At the presentation, the Nanmen Junior High School Orchestra gave a professional and wonderful performance and received big applause from the audiences with three works: Joy to the World, Frozen and Jingle Bells to unveil the event. In his address, AEA Director-General Liu, disclosed how AEA overcame obstacles to achieve the present result through the concerted effort of past directors-general, branch directors and AEA employees. He added, the constant changes in the quality and quantity of cases also challenge the way of enforcement and only incessant adjustment and progress can double the results with half the effort. With NT$500 billion, we can build eight Taipei 101’s or 105 Taipei Arenas. In addition, based on the 2017 budget of the Ministry of Justice of some NT$31.28052 billon, this sum can support the ministry’s budget for 16 years. In this case, the ministry can become self-sufficient with the amount recovered by AEA. In his address, Justice Minister Tai-san Chiu emphasized the excellent performance of AEA. He added that apart from the effort of AEA employees, the assistance of referral agencies and the court should not be denied. Minister Chiu also praised the outstanding performance of our progressive operations for special cases. Apart from aggressively exercising obligations under public law, AEA did not forget to take care of rural areas by setting up video-conferencing service to communicate with delinquent payers. Apart from promoting to report our understaffing and fund shortage problems to the premier, Minister without Portfolio, Bing-ching Law, recognized the hardship in enforcement and praised AEA for achieving fruitful results with limited human resources. He added, with a policy maintaining ‘justice and care’ at the same time, in addition to being the “angry-eye warrior,” AEA is the righteous and gentle ‘mercy-brow buddha.’ Minister Law also expressed his gratitude for AEA’s professional opinions for the Executive Yuan regarding the improvement of the five shortages in Taiwan, such as the institutional issues on the Statute for Industrial Innovation. The Stacking Gold for A Tower, Enriching the Treasury ceremony followed suit. Thirteen AEA branch directors and AEA Deputy Director-General stacked gold bricks together to symbolize their concerted effort to enrich the treasury. Lastly, Justice Minister Chiu, Minister without Portfolio Law, Political Deputy Minister Chen, Political Deputy Minister Tsai, Prosecutor-General Yen, and Director-General Liu disclosed the ‘Big Step Forward: Over NT$500 billion’ information. They also took photos with AEA deputy director-general and 13 branch directors. The presentation ended in perfection as the dry ice and colorful paper ribbons fell.
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