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Operation to recover unpaid parking fees and impound skippers’ vehicles

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  • Last updated:2019-07-18
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Parking without paying the parking fee is like making off without paying and causes social injustice. To let justice be served, the Administrative Enforcement Agency (AEA), Ministry of Justice (MOJ), launched the synchronous operation to recover the unpaid parking fees and the resulting administrative fines to let delinquent payers understand that there is no way to sidestep any obligations and to realize the country’s monetary obligations under public law on 14 November, 2017. Apart from recovering a total of NT$1,727,358, AEA branches have distrained 43 vehicles and seized four lots of real estate, and movables including paintings and calligraphic works, fan paintings, and inkstone from delinquent payers in the synchronous operations, marking a fruitful result. Should delinquent payers still refuse to pay the unpaid parking fees and the resulting administrative fines, AEA will auction their seized vehicles, real property, and movables to set off the outstanding amount To enhance the recovery of unpaid parking fees and the resulting administrative fines, AEA has established the implementation plan to enhance administrative enforcement emphasizing the seizure, impounding, garnishing and auctioning of the vehicles of delinquent payers. The top ten delinquent payers by cumulative amount in the six municipalities and the top five delinquent payers by cumulative amount in counties and cities will be the focus targets of the operations. AEA will also promote the law-abiding concept in collaboration with the referral agencies and the police. By doing so, AEA aims to let justice be served, exercise public authority, and enhance enforcement performance. According to AEA, the AEA branches will team up with referral agencies to trace and search for the vehicles with an unpaid parking fee and administrative fine record, build an enquiry system to offer information regarding the parking locations and times of such vehicles in the past month, arrange sites for impounding such vehicles, and discuss the amendment of related laws and regulations. To enhance enforcement, AEA branches will take legal actions, including garnishing their bank deposits and wages, seizing and auctioning their property, and even restricting them from leaving the country and taking them into custody, to force them to pay the outstanding amount. After one month, the operation successfully recovered a total of NT$1.72 million.
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